Ceropegia Woodii (String of Hearts) Plant Care Guide

Lighting: Keep your string of hearts in bright light (with some direct sun) for best color and plenty of leaves.

Water: Water sparingly in fall and winter. Keep the soil lightly moist in spring and summer. A semi-succulent, this plant is more tolerant of dry soil than wet.

Soil: Use a well-aerated soil that retains water but drains well. Cactus potting mix also works well. Add horticultural sand, perlite, or pumice if the soil becomes too heavy and compact.

Temperature: Normal room temperatures 65-80°F. In winter, cool (55-60°F/13-16°C). It can take the heat, but keep it shaded from the hot midday sun in summer if you want to move String of Hearts Plant outdoors for the warm months.